12 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine

With the advent of the fashion industry, the demand for the top class quality printed fabrics has become the common and to fulfill their expectation we have produced the 12 colour rotary screen printing machine with huge advances in the traditional printing technology. This machine is potent to carve a brilliant graphics on any type of fabric with the help of 12 different colours without compromising speed, thanks to our new, high technology based manufacturing, enabling the machine to produce high quality artwork within an outlined time frame. This 12 colour rotary printing machine is the most common type of textile printing machine that is widely being accepted in the textile industries to print beautiful graphics without any hassle and anxiety of the high cost.

12 colour rotary screen printing machine

The machine encompasses 12 numbers of rotary screen, drives, colour reservoir, impression roller, squeegee, paste pumping system and one printing blanket with adhesion, dryer and blanket washing unit, other than extra parts can be integrated upon the customer request. The 12 colour rotary screen printing machine meets all the regulations of the quality standards and has passed out the entire test against its quality, safety and reliability. No spillage of the colours and imperfection in print is guaranteed and hence, one rest assured about the quality of the outcomes. This gamut of 12 colour rotary screen printing machine is offered in standard size as well as tailor made size, which both is overwhelmed in the market for high perks and of course extremely affordable costing of the fabric printings.

Remarkable attributes of our 12 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine

  • Matchless quality printings are guaranteed up to 12 colours
  • Accurate graphics with the sharp edges makes the printings truly valuable
  • The perfect pressure between the impression roller and rotary screen ensures flawless printing outputs
  • Best for any type of fabric, be it natural or chemical based
  • The colour reservoir and paste pumping system work impeccably
  • Consistent colour and spotless graphics are key characteristics of the machine
  • The use of the dryer and washing unit is simple and easy
  • Virtually no maintenance is required for a longer period of time