Speed Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Just in time accomplishment of any printing orders is crucial and that you can achieve by availing our high speed rotary screen printing machine at best rates.

The main objective of the textile printing machine has not only remained the highest quality prints, high speed printing has also become the primary objective as it what matters for the textile printing industries to get any printing job done faster along with vibrant printings. To match this high speed requirement of the textile printing industries, we have developed a truly sterling range of rotary screen printing machine that is aimed to print defined patterns at the high speed. The use of the cutting edge technology proffers the high speed, whereas the précised engineering of the same ensures impeccable performance and accurate printings even at the higher speed.

Speed Rotary Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

This rotary screen textile printing machine has already won the market of the local and global textile industries for increasing per hour textile printing outcome along with its ability to print on the any type of fabrics (natural fiber, chemical fiber) without failing. This high speed rotary screen printing machine has the same mechanism like other and incorporates the same parts, including the color reservoir, squeegee roller, blanket conveyor, rotary screen, pressure cylinder and dryer and each is ensured for its impeccability ahead by combining in the machine. Besides that, high power motor is employed in order to convey long running operations swiftly and untiringly, makes it the best bet even for the continuous fabric printing operations. All the parts are of utmost quality and hence controlling of the machine is going to be an easy walk for the prestigious consumers with this machine, available in the widespread range and also in the custom made range to match your particular requirements.

Remarkable attributes of our high speed rotary screen printing machine:

  • The MS body of the machine ensures long life of the machine
  • The high precision construction of all parts promotes accurate printings even with the changing production speed
  • All the rotary screen speed is controlled by the servo motor attached at each end
  • The uniform application of the paste is accomplished by the magnet roller squeegee
  • The dryer is aimed to dry the entire fabric uniformly and quickly
  • The high speed of the machine never degrades the quality of printings
  • The interruption free printing processes also increase the number of printings per hour
  • No frequent maintenance is encountered during the application of the machine, also at long runs