6 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Printing of fabric has invariably been a significant influence in fashion industries and is magnified with the rise in the competition and to match with thereof modernized approach is essential and is what our 6 colour rotary screen printing machine meant to be. The offered fabric printing machine is becoming the indispensable part of the textile printing industries to obtain the economical and precise printings in the fastest way. As the name implies the 6 colour rotary screen printing machine, Textile Stenter Machine, flatbed screen printing machine is undoubtedly designed for printing with the 6 different colours on any type of fabric and obtain the vivacious color prints that add to the value of your fabric.

6 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer in India

This 6 colour rotary screen printing machine is being a distinguished among the many textile industries for delivering the very sharp outlines even for the small sized designs along, whereas uninterrupted printings for the long runs, thanks to the team of the engineers and their efforts to making the machine as per the set quality standards and performing the stringent quality checks on each part for the perfection. It’s very apparent that machine will have 6 different rotary screens and drives to rotate each, other than, impression rollers, squeegee rollers, printing blanket, colour pumping system, dryer and washing chamber is the primary parts that is incorporated in the machine with the utmost accuracy to ensure constant and flawless printing operations throughout. This 6 colour rotary screen printing machine is available for any length and width of fabric that we equip through our customization service, whereas the standard size of the same is available in ready to ship condition.  

Remarkable attributes of our 6 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine:

  • Users can experience completely uniform color printings on fabric
  • No wastage of the colour is guaranteed
  • The best placed rotary screen with the impression roller ensure perfect printings throughout
  • The squeegee regulates the color paste and ensures uniformity throughout
  • The pumping system is impeccable and provide continues color to the squeegee
  • The hot circulating air in the dryer ensures quick and uniform drying after every color printing
  • Delivers excellent performance even for the long runs