Manual Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Customers are spilling the beans of our range of the manual rotary screen printing machine for its remarkable performance and second to none quality fabric prints.

The fabric industry soaring in worldwide, reason is obvious from the high demand of the fabrics in the world. However, many are failing to fulfill the order and another for surpassing the budget, and henceforth call for productive and best quality textile printing machine is begun and to fulfill thereof, we have engineered the best in class gamut of rotary screen printing machine, wherein the entire operation is accomplished manually and that makes is also considered as the manual rotary screen printing machine, available at the affordable rates than that of expensive affairs.

Manual Rotary Screen Printing Machine India

Rotary screen, impression cylinder, pressure cylinder, squeegee roller, fabric blanket and dryer are the prominent part of this manual rotary screen printing machine, which each is designed and developed with the utmost care towards quality standards and dimensions in order to obtain a truly spotless piece of work that promises for the outstanding printing results. 

Construction of the manual rotary screen printing machine:

The printing unit of this textile printing machine is provided with a drive to each printing position in order to carry out efficient and accurate printings, whereas the accurate amalgamation of the printing blanket with rotary screen delivers the matchless quality printings even at the higher speed.


The offered manual rotary screen printing machine is compatible with the any type of screen (nickel) and delivers the accurate graphics results on any type of fabrics.

Blanket Washing:

The pre wash and main wash unit are equipped with the machine to accomplish the thorough cleaning of the blanket after every printing. In the pre wash phase, unlikely particles and color paste are removed, whereas during the main wash the brush rollers clean the color paste on the blanket, thereafter the remaining water on the blanket is removed from the hot air dryer.


The high quality pneumatic squeegee used to apply printing paste on the respected fabric, wherein the pressure is adjusted as per the requirement of the color paste.


The dryer is configured to carry out hot air circulation drying, wherein the jets, fan, radiator and insulating panels are integrated ingeniously to carry out fast drying of all types of fabric. Further, the ideal unique nozzle alignment ensures that uniform drying of the entire fabric at once.


Manual rotary screen printing machine specifications:

Application Natural fiber, chemical fiber, and other blended woven and knitted fiber
Fabric weight 50g/㎡~600g/㎡
Printing width 1620mm(200type) 2050mm(220type) 2200mm(240type) 2400mm(260type)
2600mm(280type) 2800mm(300type) 3000mm(320type) 3200mm(340type)
Printing color 8C/10C/12C/14C/16C
Printing repeat 640mm/820mm/914mm/1018mm/1168mm
Machine speed 4~80M/min
Drying mode 4 air mouths, 3-layer fabric passing, heat drying
Chambers of dryer 2-7 chamber of tighten or loosen dryers, customers can choose.
Heating source Steam/thermal oil/ gas
Fabric-entry and exit mode Open-width
Machine type Left/right hand
Compressed air 0.6~0.8Mpa
Water supply Water pressure is not less than 0.3Mpa
Machine structure It consists of fabric-entry, printing unit, drying, and fabric-exit.
Entry way Entry in open width dryer conveyor

Remarkable attributes of our manual rotary screen printing machine:

  • The simple design eliminates the complexity of operation
  • The compact size of the machine entitles easy fitting even in narrow space
  • The squeegee applies uniform paste on the fabric
  • The hot air circulation dryer ensures uniform & fast drying
  • The machine is capable for the repeat printings
  • The equipped insulating panels reduce power consumption