14 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Textile printing has been increasing at rocket speed across this decade; however, with the rapid expansion of the textile printing, meeting the quality criteria of the end user is equally paramount. So if you are looking for the vibrant, defined, long lasting color printings, then 14 colour rotary screen printing machine can be the best companion for you. Textile Fabric Printing Machine, Stenter Machine Manufacturer & Parts, his textile printing machine is robust and competent to carry out the long run fabric printing operations without failing, unlikely the others that exhausts when it comes to the long runs, which makes this 14 colour rotary screen printing machine a good thought, if you are dealing with the huge fabric printing orders. Whether it is a natural fabric or the chemical fabric, the introduced rotary screen printing machine is well-suited for any type of fabric and promise to consistently deliver supreme quality outcomes.

Rotary Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer

By means of this 14 colour rotary screen printing machine one can attain colorful printings up to 14 colours, wherein the color is applied to the fabric by means of the squeegee roller and impression roller. The color paste is stored in the color reservoir and pushed to the squeegee through pumping, where notable pressure is created through the impression roller and rotary screen, essential to convey print from the rotary screen to the fabric, this process in continually repeated to convey different colours print on the fabric. This 14 colour rotary screen printing machine is highly acclaimed range among the textile industries due to its flawless operations and of course flawless printings, thanks to the painstaking accuracy our team pays during the manufacturing and the strict quality analysis performed following manufacturing stage. Other than, high speed and low cost attributes of this machine makes it creditable approach for fabric printing industries.

Remarkable attributes of our 14 Colour Rotary Screen Printing Machine

  • Best to carry out supreme quality printings up to 14 colors
  • The truly radiant and uniform colors are the mainstay of the machine
  • The use of the best quality material makes it outlasting
  • The color prints conveyed by this means is long lasting
  • The parts require low maintenance that reduces overall cost of the fabric printing
  • The perfect alignment of every part delivers high performance
  • No variation in printing quality is encountered at high speed
  • All the outlines of graphics are precise and clear
  • Meets all the standards of the quality, safety and reliability